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Postby gazorninplotz » Sep 18, 2008 23:59

Hoping for awhile that someone would post more Windows API tutorials has not paid off, so I guess I'll have to write the tutorials that I want myself. I would like to do that, but I cannot log in at the wiki.

The wiki tells me to register here - and I have, as I think this post proves. What else must I do? I still cannot log in over there.
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Postby stylin » Sep 19, 2008 0:39

Registration was closed due to some malicious people.. When it was opened back up, site admins put a small minimum post count here on the forums in order to login to the fbwiki. I have no idea what this minimum is, but your forum login and password should work with fbwiki no problems.

And yeah, some Windows API tutorials would be much appreciated. :)
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Postby MystikShadows » Sep 19, 2008 0:42

I wrote two Windows API tutorials in freebasic. on PCOPY! if I can log in..I can add them up somewhere.

First part is here: ... 10/#winapi

Second part here: ... tml#winapi
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Postby gazorninplotz » Sep 19, 2008 3:04

Thanks for the replies.

So, to post a tutorial, I have to be semi-social and actively participate on the forum? That could be a dealbreaker.

Thanks for the links to your tutorials MystikShadows - I like those.

If I am able to add tutorials, they would be for Windows beginners - like me. I would use the Petzold books as an outline for what material is covered. So, the first would be an intro to the API, the next would be creating a simple window, etc.

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