QB Express #28

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QB Express #28

Postby Pete » May 12, 2008 0:26

It's May, QB Express #28 is here!

This issue is full of wonderful things, like SEVEN tutorials and FIVE articles, all about QBasic and FreeBasic.

Pritchard teaches us about Game Camera Systems; Imortis Inglorian brings us "Bitflags and You"; Kiyote Wolf gives us the rundown on his method of "Amazing Cheap Texturemapping"; Lachie Dazdarian contemplates the eternal struggle of "The Game Developer versus the Programmer"; Mac gives us the skinny on the QBasic.com forums; notthecheatr starts his series on "Scripting Solutions for Games" with "Part I: Rolling your own interpreter"; and Pritchard talks to us "About Design."

It's a fun-filled, jam-packed issue. Read it all in QB Express #28!
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Postby duke4e » May 12, 2008 11:01

gonna read it now!
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Postby ssjx » May 12, 2008 11:07

Very good issue again!

I thought Pritchard clone game article was very good. It's pretty much how i do any game, just take away the graphics and break it down to its most basic. Once the core elements of control, collision and map drawing are sorted, you have the basics of pretty much any game.

Slightly related, i'm currently doing a java version of my chuckie egg game purely because it feature a moving player, things to collect and collision. Like the FB version, once it is done, a quick change of graphics and it is a new game.

Thinking up a unique element for a game though is usually the tricky part...
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Postby Pritchard » May 12, 2008 14:09

Thank you for finding the time to release this. I've been meaning to write something, but have been waiting for QBE's release this month to do so...


I'm beginning to hate everything I write about about game play and fun in games, because there's just so much to say. You single out one topic and you end up leaving out the rest.

At one point in time, disassembling and designing game mechanics is necessary. Defining the parts that assemble a game, however, is more difficult. Games are odd, dual-compositions between the player and game itself.

Game Play is not just simple mechanics such as the simple chasing puzzles, or the goals which must be reached. Timing, Pace, Learning Curve, Choice, Ambiance, I could go on... These are all mechanics which game developers must look at when creating not only something which can be played, but something which can be experienced.
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Postby notthecheatr » May 12, 2008 14:45

Excellent! Glad to see it's finally out, as always, and congratulations to Pritchard.

@Pete: that's a really big journey, it'll be cool to see how long it takes you to get back.
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Postby Pritchard » Jun 13, 2008 19:30

Funny how just now I'm going back to read the article *I wrote* on custom screen coordinates...
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Postby KristopherWindsor » Jun 13, 2008 21:06

Ha, you confused me. :-P
I thought a new issue was out, but that content looked awfully familiar. :-)

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