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Postby commandvom » Nov 28, 2017 13:15

Hi community!

Fantastic Lands of Aetricia is a MMORPG, in first person, tile based movement, written and compiled in QB64 (SDL version), from Argentina.
A new alpha version of this MMORPG was published, with several advances in the quest, sound and maps systems!
Some types of NPCs and more items for testing were added.
It continues with the development and improvement of various systems.
Invite you to download and try this independent project, we would appreciate suggestions and criticism!
You can download it from the site / official devlog:

or at IndieDB: ... oads/floa1

The singleplayer/standalone version (no internet needing) with source code and resources at: ... ttach=4439

############## I N S T R U C T I O N S ####################

Unrar and run 'PLAY.BAT' or 'AETRICIA.EXE', be patient while init server, create an account/character and enter to Aetricia!

Use mouse or WASD keys to move, Q & E to turn lefft or turn right, left button to attack, action, 'I' for inventory, 'M' for manual (not available at this moment), SPACEBAR to pasive/active (attack), 'O' for search in barrels etc.
Learn magic spells and asign its to the shortcut keys.

Press 'ENTER' to show chat window.
Use teleportation portals with a gem of teleportation (buy this at merchants) .

You begin with some gold coins, looking lumberjack ax in barrels and use it for work for wood in the forest. Sell the wood and obtain more gold coins!

Talk with the citizen and help them with the quests.
Beware with monsters, some drop gold coins!
Buy some weapons, items, traps and equip!
Buy torchs for use when the night fall (the cycle day/night elapses every 5 hours)!

Thanks for the space!

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Re: MMORPG in QB64

Postby angros47 » Nov 28, 2017 22:21

Your game is unrelated with FreeBasic.

Also, your download contains music from the SNES game "Secret of Mana", so you are using pirated resources.You should remove those files
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Re: MMORPG in QB64

Postby commandvom » Nov 29, 2017 0:40

Sorry, its a demo indie unipersonal non-comercial project, these files are not used. The next download version I quit these files.
I assumed that being in QBasic64 could have some minimal relationship with FreeBasic, after all the two are Basic.

I'm sorry again and feel free to delete the post!

paul doe
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Re: MMORPG in QB64

Postby paul doe » Nov 29, 2017 1:13

commandvom wrote:I assumed that being in QBasic64 could have some minimal relationship with FreeBasic, after all the two are Basic.

Hola, coterraneo =)

Even though FreeBasic and QB64 both are BASIC dialects, they are completely unrelated, I'm afraid (besides sharing a common ancestor). Even worse, some members of their respective communities aren't exactly in 'friendly' terms, if you know what I mean ;)

Interesting project you have there, nonetheless. Reminded me a lot of Dungeon Master and Lands of Lore! Played a little but couldn't figure out how to open doors (I suck XD). Anyway, what kind of suggestions and criticism do you seek? Design-wise, code-wise, or both?
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Re: MMORPG in QB64

Postby Kot » Nov 29, 2017 19:09

There's a lot of free music in the Internet, e.g. just leave link to the site somewhere in your game.
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Re: MMORPG in QB64

Postby commandvom » Dec 01, 2017 15:08

Kot! thanks for the link!!!

The type of criticism that I hope to receive is more than anything to improve the gameplay and the ambience of the game, I am aware of the low quality of the graphics, I do not have enough time to improve the graphics, so I make them fast and focus on The programing. I would love for a community to be formed around the game and I am willing to work for it. I know it's a niche game, I do not intend to be the next ArgentumOnline (paul doe you know about i talk) but a small community with some members that like this type of games, and the experience of playing it in multiplayer / cooperative mode.

I am willing to receive help with the design of maps, graphics and sound, as well as the plot, missions and anything that has to do with the conformation of the Aetricia world!

As well I am also willing to answer the questions about the management I do with the resources (graphics, sounf, etc), the client / server communication and issues related to its programming, for those who want to implement it in their projects, whether in freebasic or another language


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