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Kuan Hsu
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Feed It! (PZG)

Postby Kuan Hsu » Sep 09, 2017 3:42

Hi everyone, I've rewrite a PZG game that I've made at 2007 useing D language, I port it to freeBASIC to debug my poseidonFB IDE and it complete now~

I use Joshy's FBImage and fbSound libraries, and Fbgfx( with opengl ), the archive include source codes and poseidonFB project file, I wish it funny to play~~^^


How to play:
Put animals and their food(>=2) together!
Z = Rotate
X = Change order
PAGEUP = Speed up
PAGEDOWN = Speed down
DOWN = Drop soon
ESC = Quit

V0.2: Added dark effect when game over.(2017.09.10)
V0.1: First published!(2017.09.09)
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Re: Feed It! (PZG)

Postby srvaldez » Sep 10, 2017 18:22

nice eye candy, very well done :-)
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Re: Feed It! (PZG)

Postby dafhi » Sep 10, 2017 19:13

I agree. Music is great too. Very pleasant, polished game. And the rotating text looks amazing

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