Tutorial: Software 3d and matrix manipulations.

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Re: Tutorial: Software 3d and matrix manipulations.

Postby Gonzo » Sep 14, 2013 21:43

dafhi wrote:I hope you get around to one on pixel buffer objects. I'm too lazy

PBOs had a short lifetime and they are deprecated :)

Textures & FBOs keeps things simple, unless you want multisampling.. You can't do multisampling at all with "texture rectangles"

Getting rid of fixed pipeline is simple enough with a strong Texture, VAO, FBO implementation
But that also means no glBegin(), just replaced with custom vertex format and VAO

You also need your own matrix and vec3/vec4 implementation
Of course, once that is all done, working with OpenGL is pure enjoyment.. Rarely had any issues at all since i just took the big step completely away from fixed and abstracted everything away

Such a library would probably be hard to "exploit" properly without good knowledge, so I recommend you all to just write some basic wrappers
Maybe I will write a library for this in FB one of these days.. very busy lately though

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