DM legend of zelda engine

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DM legend of zelda engine

Postby Gonzo » Jan 13, 2012 15:31


Since i have abandoned this project after finishing it (and never making a game with it)
i thought id just share the code, which sadly is in VB6... and i also started on remaking "barriers" into a grid, instead of pixel-based
so while it will compile and run, the source cant actually run any of the maps.. the editor will still work though

maybe theres something someone can take from there.. or not, i dont know =)
its 14k loc of old code for my very first game engine

Here are some screenshots:


Here is the full engine source with a few maps:

To run use reg.bat (if it doesnt work youre on your own)
cave.bat (testing maps)
LTTP.bat (some finished maps)
edmap.bat (feature testing)
GB.bat (gameboy zelda)

I intend to rewrite this engine sometime... i still love LoZ way too much!
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Jocke The Beast
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Re: DM legend of zelda engine

Postby Jocke The Beast » Jan 13, 2012 19:17

Screenshots looks amazing.
I'll personally will grant you eternal life if you complete this, but with freebasic :)
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Re: DM legend of zelda engine

Postby Destructosoft » Jan 25, 2012 4:52

It looks great, although the text on that first screenshot is annoying. (Reminds me of the Apple II color fringes on text.)

I would understand if you had to make the game use large pixels, but I don't think you should restrict the legibility of the text the same way, unless that's how your graphics engine works.
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Re: DM legend of zelda engine

Postby Gonzo » Jan 25, 2012 23:29

the font was made by me, and supports things like an image of a cake
just like in all the other zelda games.. if you dont have special images in your font, you fail =)
but yea, maybe its ugly.. i made it
using a different resolution for text in such an engine is not acceptable..
i dont advice you to try it, since people will notice immediately =)
its better to make the font work with the resolution.. (people called me on it, and i made it pixellized)

now it doesnt matter anymore, though

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