Midi Music Retro-ized For Free

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Midi Music Retro-ized For Free

Postby kiyotewolf » Aug 22, 2010 2:34

Dear FB'ers..

There are game sites which host free MIDI's, that you can use, as long as you give credit.

Anyone, who would like a MIDI played back on a real soundblaster, with a real FM chip, and made into an MP3 or a WAV, just go here, and msg me, and I'll do the conversion for you.

It won't be done by Windows, using a wavetable, it won't be done via DOSBOX, where the MIDI MPU.. thingy,.. is emulated and very rough sounding, it will be done by a smooth sounding real (ADLIB SIMULATION VIA SOUNDBLASTER), FM synthesis chip/card.

I say Adlib, because at one point, SoundBlaster went to the point of emulating Adlib functionality. It's the original hardware, so it will be authentic.


If the sounds clash, I will try to choose new instruments on my own, and re-record.

If you don't like what I give you, just ask away, and I'll re-mix it for you.


I know some of you have this hardware already, and this is pretty unnecessary, but a few of you, just might be interested.

I'm doing this for fun, not for profit.

I've been finding very recently, that my own creative energy gets a 110% boost, when I help others do video game stuff.
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Postby duke4e » Aug 26, 2010 18:37

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