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Postby AnthonyRBrown » Jun 16, 2021 10:11

If you thought normal Connect 4 was complex ? which it is with over 4.5 Trillion game situations (On a normal 7x6 board) then take a look at my latest Auto learn game program invention! ALL4CONNECT4AUTOLNGENIUS :) The game situations on the (8x8) board used must be in the Quadrillion's ?
The main differences with my new version and the Original are...All connected 4's "OOOO" or "XXXX" are counted as line points as 1,then at the end of the game when the Board is full,they are totalled and the player with the most Wins! and the other difference is that from the Start players can play to any space on the Board from A1-H8 :)

Below is the download link and of course some Screen shots!... ... =4&t=14870

A.R.B :)
paul doe
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Postby paul doe » Jun 16, 2021 20:00

AnthonyRBrown wrote:...
Below is the download link and of course some Screen shots!...

No source code and, judging from the size of the executable, it's a QB64 program. So, tell me: why are you spamming the forum with QB64 programs? Mmm?

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