Retro parallax scrolling

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Retro parallax scrolling

Postby BasicCoder2 » Jul 23, 2020 5:27

Inspired by the above example I thought maybe a retro example as well.
I drew similar graphics as the above but with MSPAINT.

You can scroll left or right using the arrow keys.

The example below also uses FBImage in order to load the .png files.

Code: Select all

#ifndef __FBImage_bi__
#define __FBImage_bi__

#ifdef __FB_WIN32__
# libpath "lib/win"
# libpath "lib/win"

#ifndef __FB_64BIT__
# inclib "FBImage-32-static"
# inclib "FBImage-64-static"

' Load BMP, PNG, JPG, TGA, DDS from file or memory as FBImage

' screenres 640,480,32 ' <--- RGBA
' var jpg = LoadRGBAFile("test_rgb.jpg")
' put (0,0),jpg,PSET
' var png = LoadRGBAFile("test_rgba.png")
' put (256,0),png,ALPHA

' var img = LoadRGBAFile("")
' if img=0 then
'   print "error: loading " & *GetLastResult()
' end if

' Save RGB image as PNG
' var ok = SavePNGFile(img,"test_rgb.png")

' Save RGBA image as PNG
' var ok = SavePNGFile(img,"test_rgba.png",true)

extern "C"

declare function LoadRGBAFile(byval filename as const zstring ptr) as any ptr

declare function LoadRGBAMemory(byval buffer as const any ptr, byval buffersize as long) as any ptr

declare function GetLastResult() as const zstring ptr

declare function SavePNGFile (byval img as any ptr, byval filename as const zstring ptr,byval saveAlpha as boolean=false) as boolean

end extern

' load (32bit) RGBA image and convert it for 16 bit RGB mode
function Load16BitRGB(filename as const zstring ptr) as any ptr
  #define RGB16(_r,_g,_b) ((((_b) shr 3) shl 11) or (((_g) shr 2) shl 5) or ((_r) shr 3))
  var imgSrc = LoadRGBAFile(filename)
  if imgSrc=0 then return 0
  dim as integer w,h,spitch,dpitch
  dim as ubyte ptr s
  imageinfo imgSrc,w,h,,spitch,s
  var imgDst = ImageCreate(w,h,0,16)
  dim as ushort ptr d
  imageinfo imgDst,,,,dpitch,d
  dpitch shr= 1 ' pitch in bytes to pitch in pixels
  for y as integer =1 to h
    dim as integer i
    for x as integer =0 to w-1
      d[x] = RGB16(s[i],s[i+1],s[i+2])
      i+=4 ' next source pixel
    s+=spitch ' next src row
    d+=dpitch ' next dst row
  ImageDestroy imgSrc
  return imgDst
  #undef RGB16
end function

namespace Base64
  static as string*64 B64 = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" _
                          & "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" _
                          & "0123456789+/"

  Function EncodeMemory(buffer as any ptr,size as long) As String
    #define E0 (S[j] shr 2)
    #define E1 (((S[j] and &H03) shl 4) + (S[j+1] shr 4))
    #define E2 (((S[j+1] and &H0F) shl 2) + (S[j+2] shr 6))
    #define E3 (S[j+2] and &H3F)
    dim as long nChars = size
    if nChars=0 then return ""
    dim as ubyte ptr S=buffer
    dim as long j,k,m = nChars mod 3
    dim as string r=string(((nChars+2)\3)*4,"=")
    nChars-= (m+1)
    For j = 0 To nChars Step 3
      r[k]=B64[e0] : r[k+1]=B64[e1] : r[k+2]=B64[e2] : r[k+3]=B64[e3]:k+=4
    if m then
      r[k]=B64[e0] : r[k+1]=B64[e1] : r[k+3]=61
      If m = 2 Then r[k+2]=B64[e2] Else  r[k+2]=61
    end if
    return r
    #undef E0
    #undef E1
    #undef E2
    #undef E3
  End Function

  Function DecodeMemory(s As String,byref nBytes as integer) As any ptr
    #define P0(p) instr(B64,chr(s[n+p]))-1
    dim as long nChars=Len(s)
    if nChars<1 then return 0
    nBytes=nChars : nChars-=1
    dim as ubyte ptr O,buffer=callocate(nBytes)
    for n As long = 0 To nChars Step 4
      var b = P0(1), c = P0(2), d = P0(3)
      if b>-1 then
        var a = P0(0) : *O = (a shl 2 + b shr 4) : O+=1
      end if
      if c>-1 then *O = (b shl 4 + c shr 2) : O+=1
      if d>-1 then *O = (c shl 6 + d) : O+=1
    return buffer
    #undef P0
  end function
end namespace 

#endif ' __FBImage_bi__


Code: Select all

chdir exepath()
#include once ""

' dodicat's regulate function
Function Regulate(Byval MyFps As Integer,Byref fps As Integer) As Integer
    Static As Double timervalue,lastsleeptime,t3,frames
    var t=Timer
    If (t-t3)>=1 Then t3=t:fps=frames:frames=0
    Var sleeptime=lastsleeptime+((1/myfps)-T+timervalue)*1000
    If sleeptime<1 Then sleeptime=1
    Return sleeptime
End Function

Const SCRW = 640, SCRH = 480

Screenres SCRW,SCRH, 32

dim shared as any ptr images(0 to 4)

For i as integer = 0 To 4
    images(i) = imagecreate(SCRW,SCRH)
    'bload "pp" & i + 1 & ".bmp",images(i)
    images(i) = LoadRGBAFile("pp" & i + 1 & ".png")

dim shared as integer px(0 to 4)
dim shared as integer xd(0 to 4)

for i as integer = 0 to 4
next i

sub drawBackground()
    for i as integer = 0 to 4
        put (0,0),images(i),(px(i),0)-(SCRW-1,SCRH-1),trans
        put (SCRW-1-px(i),0),images(i),(0,0)-(px(i)-1,SCRH-1),trans
    next i
end sub

Dim As Integer fps
fps = 60

    if multikey(&H4D) then   
        for i as integer = 0 to 4
            px(i) = px(i) + xd(i)  'update shift position
            if px(i) > SCRW-1 then px(i) = 0
        next i
    end if
    if multikey(&H4B) then   
        for i as integer = 0 to 4
            px(i) = px(i) - xd(i)  'update shift position
            if px(i) <0 then px(i) = SCRW-1
        next i
    end if
    Sleep regulate(60,fps),1
Loop Until multikey(&H01)

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Re: Retro parallax scrolling

Postby UEZ » Jul 23, 2020 6:32

@BasicCoder2: looks nice but why didn't you use the images I've zipped? The original images are in one big PNG image and I had cut them out and saved it as 32-bit bmp using GIMP. This 32-bit bmp format is support by FB.

Btw, the Demo code above is posted twice.

What a pitty that FB has no built-in functions for the popular image formats to load / save them.

@SARG: GAS64 has a problem to compile this.

Command Line:
C:\...\FreeBASIC64\fbc64_gas64.exe -m "C:\...\Retro parallax scrolling\Demo.bas" -v -s gui -x "C:\...\Retro parallax scrolling\Demo.exe"

Error output:

Code: Select all

Retro parallax scrolling\Demo.a64: Assembler messages:
Retro parallax scrolling\Demo.a64:926: Error: invalid use of register
Retro parallax scrolling\Demo.a64:953: Error: invalid use of register
Retro parallax scrolling\Demo.a64:988: Error: invalid use of register
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Re: Retro parallax scrolling

Postby BasicCoder2 » Jul 23, 2020 9:55

One reason I didn't use the images you zipped was because they came in different sizes and I could not modify and save them with MSPaint without losing transparency. Also I like to draw my own images as the stock images never fit any game idea. They are fine for a demo but not if you wanted to write your own game. I had intended adding a character to run and jump along the wall under user control.

The problem with built in functions is that they bloat up the core functions common to all languages. Personally I have no problem with just including an appropriate library of functions or objects for a particular project. The main problem I had with C++ was the convoluted messing about required to install the library so you could simply include it in your own programs.
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Re: Retro parallax scrolling

Postby SARG » Jul 23, 2020 15:13

UEZ wrote:@SARG: GAS64 has a problem to compile this.
@UEZ Thanks. One variable is named 'DX' so not good for the assembler... It's allowed in the current version but I did a mistake when compiling or copying files. See the usual thread.
Off topic.... Sorry BasicCoder2.
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Re: Retro parallax scrolling

Postby BasicCoder2 » Jul 23, 2020 17:45

Not off topic really as it was an issue with the posted code.
In fact I now remember the issue with dx and assembler and used to use xd instead but then later thought it had been fixed.
See you have now fixed it? Anyway I have just changed dx to xd in the first post.

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