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External libraries (GTK, GSL, SDL, Allegro, OpenGL, etc) questions.
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Postby speedlemon » Feb 04, 2008 21:31

Dalex, is there any chance you could add some collision detection routines to the Box2D section of this wrapper?
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Postby Dalex » Feb 07, 2008 18:00

I am sorry, but at present I am strongly borrowed and I do not support the project...
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Postby speedlemon » Feb 07, 2008 18:23

Ok. Thanks for the all the work you did on this project.
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Postby loriendesign » Apr 20, 2008 14:05

Hello, help me please. Please Dalex or someone post the example of using animation with HGE and Free Basic wrapper.
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Postby livewire » Apr 26, 2008 2:47

In HgeWrapper.bi for the HGE wrapper:

Declare Function hge_Input_GetEvent Cdecl Alias "hge_Input_GetEvent" (byval as hgeInputEvent) as Integer

Should be:
Declare Function hge_Input_GetEvent Cdecl Alias "hge_Input_GetEvent" (as hgeInputEvent) as Integer
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Postby counting_pine » Apr 26, 2008 3:06

Generally things should be either byval, byref, or byval as ptr. Omitting the by___ keyword means the behaviour can change, depending on the default.
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Postby zcbenz » Jul 19, 2008 11:01

Could someone show me how to use the functions declared in the "Box2Dwr.bi"? I have studied the "FBhge_tut09.bas" example, but only to get confused.

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