SpiderMonkey (Javascript embedded interpreter)

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SpiderMonkey (Javascript embedded interpreter)

Postby v1ctor » May 06, 2006 18:32

Headers and a simple test: http://www.freebasic.net/temp/spidermonkey.zip.

Project page: http://www.mozilla.org/js/spidermonkey/.

I'm not sure it the latest C rt include files from the FB CVS repository are needed, the anonymous access to CVS is broken at the moment (may/2006) in sf.net.
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Postby voodooattack » May 06, 2006 18:52

wow v1c, you continue to impress me :)

btw, it works under .15b just had to change "jscompat.bi" to:

Code: Select all

#ifndef intN
type intN as JSIntn
#ifndef uintN
type uintN as JSUintn
#ifndef jsuword
type jsuword as JSUword
#ifndef jsword
type jsword as JSWord
#ifndef float32
type float32 as single

and a small line in the example:

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    dim as sm ptr sm
    sm = sm_create( )
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Postby porfirio » May 07, 2006 8:14

Oh thank's Alot!!! ( Obrigadão! )

You are realy good and fast :D

I believe that spydermonkey will be usefull for many ppl

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