libxml2 (free XML library)

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libxml2 (free XML library)

Postby csde_rats » Aug 03, 2009 17:49

Our libxml2 headers are very old (nearly 5 years - its from the 2.6.17 version, current ist 2.7.3 from January 2009...).
I currently don't have the time to update them, but it would nice-to-have for the next compiler version (if there is any new version of FBC planned...)
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Postby notthecheatr » Oct 04, 2009 21:06

I doubt there will be any new compiler releases very soon; most of the devs are on hiatus because of real life things.

It might not be as hard to convert the headers as you think. There's a program called SWIG used to do most of the work for you; you can find out more about libraries in this thread:

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