Tilengine (2D graphics engine)

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Tilengine (2D graphics engine)

Postby c-sanchez » Dec 03, 2018 3:49

(A bit of history) I'm not the author from this binding for freebasic, at first I asked mysoft about how to use the library in C, so he made for me a port to use it with freebasic and play a little, what is nice and easier than use with C :)
Then, some time later, I commented about this binding for freebasic with megamarc (tilengine author), he contact with mysoft and make then official binding in github.


Tilengine is a free, open source cross-platform 2D graphics engine for creating classic/retro games with tilemaps, sprites and palettes. Its scanline-based rendering system makes raster effects a core feature, the same used on actual 2D graphics chips.

Tilengine for FreeBASIC: https://github.com/megamarc/FBTilengine
Tilengine website: http://tilengine.org/

I think is an nice and instering alternative for other libraries like allegro :)
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Re: Tilengine (2D graphics engine)

Postby badidea » Dec 05, 2018 22:50

I took a quick look at it. But although Tilengine is cross-platform, the freebasic port/wrapper seems to be made for Windows only. Possibly only for 32 bit as well?

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