Version 0.18.1b released

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Version 0.18.1b released

Postby coderJeff » Aug 16, 2007 3:09

FreeBASIC Version 0.18.1b released

On August 13, 2007, FreeBASIC 0.18.1b was compiled and packaged after a significant amount of testing and its availability announced on the General Forum at This is primarily a maintenance release to update a few of the binaries and correct the installation problems that some users had with the v0.17b release.

Most significant changes are:

- Strings and User Defined Types (structures) are passed default BYREF in the -lang fb compiler dialect, and all other data types are passed default BYVAL. This is different from both fbc-0.17 and fbc-0.16 versions of the compiler.
- Due to a name mangling bug in v0.17b, most FreeBASIC libraries must be recompiled to work correctly.

For a detailed list of bug fixes and improvements, see the 0.18.1b Change Log


Windows: ... e?download
- Library updates for Lua, tinyptc, plus a few others. Plus addition of gprof.exe.

Linux: ... z?download
- This release now has AS/LD/AR/GPROF from binutils-2.17 plus libraries bfd and iberty which are needed to build the compiler.

DOS: ... p?download
- The contents are much the same as the v0.17b release with the addition of gdb-6.4.

Source: ... z?download

Manual - in CHM Format: ... p?download

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