Intermediate version July/02/2007 released

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Intermediate version July/02/2007 released

Postby cha0s » Jul 03, 2007 7:21

Intermediate release.

Please note: unpack the respective archive into the installation directory of the latest stable release, overwriting the old files. Each package contains all files added and/or modified since the stable release.

Notable changes/fixes include reverting the graphics library to use less "jerky" refreshing, a parameter on SetMouse for clipping, static objects properly catch local variables used to construct... and more in changelog.txt.

Library headers added for LZO 2.02, quickLZ, libcurl 7.15.4 (the newest is bugged, iirc)

For Windows: ... _id=520449

For Linux: ... _id=520446

For DOS: ... _id=520448

Thanks! =)

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