Version 1.02.0 released

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Version 1.02.0 released

Postby dkl » Apr 06, 2015 0:12

What's new?
  • New, 64bit-capable bindings: Windows API, OpenGL, SDL 1 and 2, GTK+, X11, ...
  • -gen gcc (which also is the default for 64bit) now defaults to -asm intel
  • Overhauled type checking for procedure pointer assignments and virtual method overriding
  • Fixed the dead-lock bug that happened since version 1.00 when using Input or other console I/O commands from multiple threads
  • more than 20 bug fixes, including some for regressions in versions 0.90 and 1.00: changelog.txt

Windows Binaries

The MinGW-w64 toolchains (mingw-builds) used for the main win32/win64 builds can be found here:

Linux Binaries

DOS Binaries


Source Code

and all the FB downloads can also be found at SourceForge.

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