Version 0.24.0 released

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Version 0.24.0 released

Postby dkl » Aug 20, 2012 3:15

Here's the news for this release:

  • Simple inheritance is now supported, using these new keywords: Extends, Base
  • Run-time type information is now supported, for User Defined Types extending the new built-in Object type: operator is
  • The new ThreadCall keyword allows launching almost any procedure as a new thread.
  • Many headers have been added or updated, including GTK+.
  • The FB graphics library (gfxlib2) now uses the same special exception in its license as the rtlib, to allow linking into executables under more relaxed terms.
  • For cross-compiling, fbc no longer needs to be rebuilt from source, and the non-standalone versions can use binutils/gcc cross-compiler toolchains.
  • FB's build system (for compiling it from source) now consists of just a single makefile, no more configure scripts. FB can be tested from the source tree, on all platforms, without having to be installed, and it can be built for installation into MinGW or DJGPP trees, similar to the Linux version.
  • Around 100 issues have been fixed, many in -gen gcc, making it stable enough to rebuild fbc. -gen gas has also seen a few fixes.
  • For more information, go here: changelog.txt

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