Version 0.21.0 released

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Version 0.21.0 released

Postby dkl » Jul 23, 2010 0:52

This release was put together based on the current development status and introduces many features and improvements that have been worked on over the past two years. There are many, many additions and fixes, however no big compatibility breaking changes. If you got time, please take a look at the <changelog>.

List of language improvements:
    - #lang statements override the -lang option, however you can use the -forcelang option to override #lang.
    - Ellipsis in array declarations: dim as integer a(0 to ...) = {1, 2, 3, 4}
    - naked functions (without prolog/epilog code).
    - print using was rewritten and now supports spc, tab, normal expressions before using, and intelligent number formatting with "&".
    - instrrev no longer skips matches.
    - bload's alpha channel support was fixed.
    - format supports "n" to specify minutes.
    - val, valint, etc. handle "&..." (octal numbers).
    - byref as zstring|wstring parameters.
    - randomize's default seed changes more than once a second.
    - color now stores colors strictly in the format for the graphics screen's bit depth.
    - More QB-like draw.
    - gfxlib's image/screen buffers are now aligned to multiples of 16 to make working with SSE easier.
    - Multi-monitor support for GDI and OpenGL gfx drivers.
Compiler additions:
    - C emitter (experimental, GCC not included)
    - Single-precision math approximations when using "-fpu SSE" and "-fpmode FAST"
    - Automatic vectorization for floating-point numbers in "-fpu SSE" FPU mode
    - OpenBSD/NetBSD/FreeBSD support started (no release package yet).
    - On Linux/FreeBSD: the 32-bit library paths will be searched first now, allowing FB to work on 64bit systems more easily.

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There are more downloads available over at SourceForge.

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