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by voodooattack
Apr 01, 2006 13:45
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Topic: Here's my life-simulator in 3D written in fb (5GB download!)
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bastard >:P
by voodooattack
Feb 20, 2006 12:11
Forum: General
Topic: wierd ASIN bug
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ASIN accepts a value as radians (double)..

that would be -1 to 1

so, you can't feed it a value larger than 1 or less than -1 :)
by voodooattack
Feb 20, 2006 12:07
Forum: General
Topic: Windowtitle() possible bug (latest testing release)
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you can always set the console title manually on windows:

Code: Select all

#include ""

CALL SetConsoleTitle ("Hello World!")


But i have no idea how'd you do that on linux :-/
by voodooattack
Feb 18, 2006 13:51
Forum: General
Topic: DIM Bug ??
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you have to do: dim x as string, y as string in your code, the 1st variable is missing the 'as' part, so the compiler assumes its the default data type, which is integer in FB (or at least numerical, as i guess) your code would work in VB, since it has a default data type (variant) that can encapsul...

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