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by Destructosoft
Jan 25, 2012 4:06
Forum: Projects
Topic: Eschecs FreeBASIC (UCI chess GUI)
Replies: 445
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Re: ESCHECS 0.1 (Chess program)

I see no reason why you would promote a pawn to a rook or bishop when the queen essentially amounts to acting like either pieces? There have been end games where promotion to a Knight has been used to an advanatage Gameplay can, and has, come up where promotion to a rook or bishop is necessary to p...
by Destructosoft
Jan 22, 2012 4:00
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Basic Gaming issue #4 (January 2012) is out!
Replies: 8
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Re: Basic Gaming issue #4 (January 2012) is out!

Excellent reporting job. The Go engine looks nice; can't wait to see what happens there.
by Destructosoft
Jan 22, 2012 3:53
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Favorite Classic Arcade Game?
Replies: 24
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Re: Favorite Classic Arcade Game?

My favorites are currently:

1. Warp Warp (aka Warp & Warp) by Namco/Rock-Ola
2. Omega Race by Midway
3. Zoo Keeper by Taito
4. Mr. Do! by Universal
by Destructosoft
Dec 28, 2011 4:18
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: [offtopic]FreeBASIC city (only for fun)
Replies: 10
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vdecampo wrote:Pretty impressive stats so far! 0% crime and unemployment!
"I am the 0%! Occupy FB City!"
by Destructosoft
Nov 13, 2011 17:48
Forum: Projects
Topic: Depths of Darkness v1.1
Replies: 27
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Should I ever have time to make 1.2 (busy on my next project right now), it will probably have FMOD, cleaner traps (yeah even I fall for it), sound state save and a few other suggestions. The amulet is on level 100 and the maximum number of rooms on a level is 841 (29x29). That could change as well-...
by Destructosoft
Nov 13, 2011 17:31
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Basic Gaming Issue #3
Replies: 8
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An excellent issue as always. I am always surprised that a fellow coder, especially one as able as yourself, finds the time to review most if not all of the works of others, in TWO different BASIC dialects.

Thanks for drawing my attention to "Tron Pac-Man" and "Antiman" as well.
by Destructosoft
Nov 11, 2011 3:34
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: FBGD Rescue The Colors Competition (250$ 1st prize!)
Replies: 27
Views: 4580

Someone should make a Wizard of Oz game.
by Destructosoft
Nov 09, 2011 1:24
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Beginer Wants the best editor to use as of Nov 6, 2011.
Replies: 15
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I prefer JellyFB myself, but not because of any of its features; it's just the one I'm used to.
by Destructosoft
Nov 09, 2011 1:21
Forum: Projects
Topic: Artemis RPG (work in progress) - updated June 9th, 2009
Replies: 22
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I can understand your reluctance to continue with this project, if you have had a few ideas for other projects that are more pressing on your interest. (I have two other games to finish before I can work on my RPG.) So long as you stick with something and finish it, you may eventually wish to get ba...
by Destructosoft
Oct 16, 2011 23:16
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: All my FreeBasic bookmarks don't work?
Replies: 13
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It's /forum/, not /forums/, maybe that's the problem somehow?
by Destructosoft
Oct 07, 2011 4:27
Forum: Game Dev
Topic: Good remake - something similar to Legend of Grimrock
Replies: 2
Views: 1256

Looks great so far.
by Destructosoft
Oct 07, 2011 4:19
Forum: General
Topic: Default draw string font and unicode
Replies: 4
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Much of FB has been "add your own thing so you can do your own thing". Definitely so with Draw String, which is designed to work with custom fonts so you can add unicode characters. The default is DOS because the ancestor, QBasic, was DOS, and to allow for compatibility with console mode and PRINT. ...
by Destructosoft
Oct 07, 2011 4:07
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Steve Jobs R.I.P. @ 56
Replies: 30
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I am very upset at 99% of the articles about the late Mr. Jobs. They don't mention his time spent revolutionizing video games at Atari. He and Wozniak made Breakout, donchaknow. I guess for some people, it's about the money and not the fun. (By serendipity, I almost made a Breakout minigame in my la...
by Destructosoft
Oct 03, 2011 1:56
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: @ Lachie + anonymous1337 and other potential FB enthusiasts
Replies: 38
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Many developments, projects and applications never had books written about them, and yet are the best in their fields. Shade is a great 3D rendering application, and yet it has had only one book ever, which was 4 versions ago. I still would rather use it than Lightwave or 3DSMax or even SketchUp. Mo...
by Destructosoft
Oct 03, 2011 1:23
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Back 2 BASIC Issue #5!
Replies: 4
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Thanks for the publishment! Always like to read something with articles in it. (I still have withdrawal symptoms for COMPUTE! and Nibble magazines from the 1980s.)

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