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by Nexinarus
Jun 12, 2008 7:11
Forum: General
Topic: Is there an equivalent of Nil in FB?
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What language is it? I'm guessing Eclipzer is right by nil being equal to zero (would make sense) but perhaps looking in the manuals for the respected language would be definitive.
by Nexinarus
Jun 03, 2008 0:43
Forum: General
Topic: Need help with japanese true type fonts.
Replies: 3
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To use true type fonts, I would definitely use the freetype lib (
by Nexinarus
May 30, 2008 1:43
Forum: Beginners
Topic: QB45 libraries support?
Replies: 9
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It would be far easier to port the library to freebasic i.e. re-write the library.
by Nexinarus
May 25, 2008 23:32
Forum: Projects
Topic: stereo 3D image generator (for red/blue glasses)
Replies: 17
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So Mike Chambers, when you look at these images are they just red and blue? Or do they look normal.

It would be cool for movies & games to be rendered like this ;)
by Nexinarus
May 24, 2008 2:32
Forum: General
Topic: What would be the best (fastest) way to do this.
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Well if there will only be around 100,000 numbers you should be able to store it all in memory - or load it once at the start of the program or something. If so then the fastest method without a doubt would be a trie, which is a tree except that at each node you store 1 digit of the number. for exam...
by Nexinarus
May 19, 2008 4:07
Forum: General
Topic: Wildcard character searching
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This is done using a finite state machine to tell if a string matches a pattern or not (also known as regular expressions).

Heres a good tutorial how to do this properly (it may be more complicated than you want though, not sure):
by Nexinarus
May 19, 2008 3:58
Forum: General
Topic: Garbage Collection and Dangling Pointers
Replies: 3
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No, you have to manage your own memory in freebasic.
by Nexinarus
May 15, 2008 5:17
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: A stack object
Replies: 16
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as long as it works, that is far more important than speed.
by Nexinarus
Apr 24, 2008 22:39
Forum: General
Topic: simple video library?
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Well there are tools (especially on linux) that convert movies into a series of images which could be easily loaded into freebasic.
by Nexinarus
Apr 24, 2008 4:12
Forum: Libraries
Topic: SQLite simplest case
Replies: 7
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Yeah asw you are not the only one - it took me a long time to translate the c example to freebasic. After a few days I still couldnt quite get it working so marzec helped me fix the pointer stuff heh. Zstrings confuse the hell outa me heh.
by Nexinarus
Apr 21, 2008 21:15
Forum: Projects
Topic: requesting beta testers
Replies: 13
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Syn9 you are truly a genius - You really should make a career out of game designing. If its as enjoyable as zero G and it looks like it will be much more enjoyable im sure its great.
by Nexinarus
Sep 16, 2007 1:13
Forum: Projects
Topic: OpenBASIC 0.2 released
Replies: 44
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So this is a basic to c++ syntax converter?
by Nexinarus
Jun 18, 2007 21:24
Forum: General
Topic: FBgfx in C and/or C++ - How to use?
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Marzec did exactly this, ask him.
by Nexinarus
Dec 27, 2006 19:59
Forum: Linux
Topic: Installing FMOD, major issues.
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try find fmod in your local package repository, like in ubuntu with apt-get (or use the gui Synaptic). installing like that is a no-no usually.
by Nexinarus
Dec 08, 2006 19:11
Forum: Projects
Topic: community news site
Replies: 12
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sounds cool man.. sorta like a news paper.. heh.

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