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by anonymous1337
Sep 12, 2005 20:41
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: Locking FPS....
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I hope it's not too late to post, but here's an FPS example that I posted earlier. It should help greatly for anyone interested in setting a custom FPS for their game, whether it's 1 FPS, or 200: Screen 20, , 2 screenset 1, 0 'Dim shared for use with subs ^_^ dim shared refreshstart as double 'doubl...
by anonymous1337
Sep 12, 2005 20:27
Forum: Windows
Topic: FB Flickering
Replies: 32
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Hey guys, don't fight. Listen, here's a quick snippet that should help with double buffering, and timing. It should run cleanly and even give you your Frames Per Second, which is approx 59.9...about the same as your actual computer refresh-rate: Screen 20, 24, 2 screenset 1, 0 'Dim shared for use wi...

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