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by rdc
Jun 03, 2005 0:13
Forum: Beginners
Topic: help. two windows.
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agamemnus wrote:EDIT: Ok, I found the parameter area for compiling it, apparently it wasn't run>parameters...

No, that is for passing command line parameters to your program. For those who don't know, under FBIde .4 the compiler parm entry is under View->Settings->Compiler tab.
by rdc
May 29, 2005 19:26
Forum: Windows
Topic: Gfx and Win-API
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Check out the MSDN under the GDI.
by rdc
May 27, 2005 22:21
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: FB can compile itself, it should be able to draw itself
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You typed all that in? You must have the patience of a saint. :)
by rdc
May 27, 2005 17:26
Forum: Documentation
Topic: Question On Linking
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Sounds good to me.
by rdc
May 27, 2005 17:24
Forum: Projects
Topic: a small preview
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Looks very good.

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