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by elsairon
Oct 07, 2008 20:07
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Essentially, Leaving the Community.
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Thanks for the help. Best wishes.
by elsairon
Aug 01, 2008 18:25
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Default Include Directory
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You can set up include directories to be searched with the -i compiler command line switch.

by elsairon
Jul 31, 2008 21:29
Forum: General
Topic: Is “Dim As” redundant ?
Replies: 72
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Other than one of the reasons 'With' was introduced, to reduce typing Dim foo as blahtype over and over with many variables.

However I'm fine with it as it is. Dim as Blah a,b,c,d,e,f works fine for me. I can use ...

Dim as Blah _
a, _
b, _

.. if I need more clarity
by elsairon
Jul 15, 2008 16:36
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Can I assign a whole 1d array?
Replies: 7
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Yes, check out the FB Wiki page on the Dim Statement here, and look for 'Initializers':
by elsairon
Jul 15, 2008 2:42
Forum: Beginners
Topic: help a beginner?
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It could be, but does not have to be.

Check out variable types in the Wiki.
by elsairon
Feb 11, 2008 16:40
Forum: Game Dev
Topic: Roguelike Interpreter from FreeBASIC
Replies: 4
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Sounds great. I have tossed around ideas for an if game, a rl game, and a cross between the two. I have so far ended up working on the RL aspect though. I use info files to load data for the game instead of hardcode, so I have a few strict parsers for some of the different sections done; maps, key-b...
by elsairon
Feb 03, 2008 3:08
Forum: Beginners
Topic: PONG (again)
Replies: 5
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So .. hmm.. you could add a delay factor, much like a person would have. Add an option for the paddle to stay where it is, rather than being forced to immediatly react. For example.. make it wait a second, or half a second before it starts moving, or maybe (once in a while) have it make an error and...
by elsairon
Feb 02, 2008 20:11
Forum: Beginners
Topic: PONG (again)
Replies: 5
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Use both versions and add a swtich that chooses between working and not working.

Scale the AI as the player advances in difficulty level. For example, maybe start the AI off successfully blocking 3 of 4 shots on the easy level, and then up from there.
by elsairon
Jan 21, 2008 15:35
Forum: General
Topic: Explanation please
Replies: 8
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Because large projects get modulated and often lots of them all include the same header file. #defining it makes sure that the compiler doesn't add the header more than once in that case. If I understand you correctly; Using #include once does not prevent a file from being included more than once i...
by elsairon
Jan 17, 2008 13:36
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: Special FX Objects
Replies: 9
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Works fine here XP SP2 (no crash), Nice work, I like the blixer idea. :)
by elsairon
Jan 16, 2008 15:23
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Organizing code ("SOLVED")
Replies: 20
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... the constants "styleguide correction" commits polute the history of a project, making diffing unnecessary difficult This makes a lot of sense, maybe worth adding a [style|code] switch for history browsing, but that could be considered annoying to add a switch to each commit. Coder probably want...
by elsairon
Jan 14, 2008 14:33
Forum: General
Topic: What're YOUR Naming/Commenting Conventions?
Replies: 24
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My style changes depending on what I'm doing, and what allows me to understand my code better 'at-a-glance', and I have a few loose rules for myself. - prefer to align code vertically when possible - no space between a proc and it's parens ( if on the same line ) - always a space between parens, ope...
by elsairon
Jan 14, 2008 13:59
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Converting a QB Program to FB
Replies: 18
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A Function or Sub must be declared if referenced before defining it. A simple program to demonstrate this. Try compiling this as is and you will get an error. Uncomment the declare and it works as expected. ' Simple declare example 'declare function checkOddness( byref as integer ) as string...
by elsairon
Jan 14, 2008 1:43
Forum: Projects
Topic: Roguelike walk around demo with simple field of view
Replies: 23
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First post updated with latest RL 'walk-around' example demonstrating both fixed and scrolling map views.
by elsairon
Jan 13, 2008 17:23
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: Key Input Handler
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Nice, although you might consider adding the ability to set the the key repeat rate independantly from the initial delay factor.

For example;
- Key press activates proc.
- If key held down for x time, then repeat proc at interval y.

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