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by ciw1973
Jun 27, 2007 11:14
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Time For A Little Competition
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Time For A Little Competition

I'm a big fan of minimalism in games (and small downloads) and I notice that recently KristopherWindsor has posted a couple of his creations in which all of the on-screen graphics are drawn using the primitives of fbgfx2. So, I propose a competition where everyone has until 11.59pm GMT on the 31/07/...
by ciw1973
Jun 22, 2007 11:56
Forum: Projects
Topic: BeGemmed (My Bejeweled clone)
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I downloaded the ZIP rather than the EXE, and in your Begemmed.bas file, the path to your include files is "itech_mobile\...." (which is the actual directory name) but in your file, the path is "itech\...". Simplest thing to do is to rename the directory as "itech" and just change it in the ...
by ciw1973
Jun 12, 2007 15:09
Forum: Libraries
Topic: PDFlib example does not work
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You most likely have the wrong version of PDFlib

I had the same problem, in that the example code seemed to run from within FBIde and created a PDF file, but it was corrupt. When I compiled ran the program from a command prompt, I saw an error relating to the page dimensions, so I checked the PDFlib version in the header file, and found ...

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