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by v1ctor
May 27, 2005 20:31
Forum: Documentation
Topic: Excellent!
Replies: 22
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Yeah, loads of tweak were needed, but.. no freaking smiles, avatars, signatures, colors or font sizes.. no fluff, just stuff.
by v1ctor
May 27, 2005 20:28
Forum: Projects
Topic: a small preview
Replies: 29
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Looks great, syn9, as ever ;).
by v1ctor
May 27, 2005 20:26
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: FB can compile itself, it should be able to draw itself
Replies: 11
Views: 8506

So cool ;). I'm not going to ask how you created it, heh..
by v1ctor
May 27, 2005 20:20
Forum: General
Topic: How to build a library on top of GfxLib?
Replies: 9
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The gfx library is only included when GFX statements or functions are used, to make the linking faster. It depends on user32, gdi32, winmm so the command-line would have to include all them, - plus the fbgfx lib itself - or you can add them to an include file using the #inclib directive.
by v1ctor
May 27, 2005 20:13
Forum: General
Topic: multiple modules & sdl
Replies: 8
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Well, you need a main module, that will call the functions on each module to do the initializations. FB will make the first .bas file passed to command line the main module. Try not use inter-module global vars and arrays, but if they are really needed, use COMMON to share them. Always use OPTION EX...

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