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by Destructosoft
Feb 18, 2013 3:31
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: I'm canceling BASIC Gaming
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Re: I'm canceling BASIC Gaming

I had to cancel my WoW subscription some years ago to give myself more time to code, so your cancellation of BG is not unexpected. I will miss BG, of course, but whatever else you come up with (for which I wish you success) should more than make up for that.
by Destructosoft
Jan 03, 2013 23:33
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Problems with PUT command, and a shifting Y coordinate
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Re: Problems with PUT command, and a shifting Y coordinate

Is the problem that your two LINE commands aren't identical? The first one starts at 0,0 and the second one at 0,8, which is 8 pixels lower, making the put tile look higher. Also, you're using 2,32 in the second tile instead of 32,32. As for recoloring a custom font, I had that problem about 4 years...
by Destructosoft
Dec 09, 2012 18:35
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Does anyone what's up with Jark ?
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Re: Does anyone what's up with Jark ?

For those who are wondering, this Jark does not seem to be the same Jark as the co-founder of deviantART. Or at least he didn't mention QBasic, raytracing or Mandelbrot stuff.
by Destructosoft
Oct 21, 2012 0:39
Forum: Projects
Topic: The Crown of Alegare
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Re: The Crown of Alegare

I hope you will announce it to the Rogue Basin when it is in a more releasable state.

This action will probably give FB a huge shot in the arm, given how impressive it has become with the 3D and all.
by Destructosoft
Oct 19, 2012 2:34
Forum: Projects
Topic: MyDDDungeonsGL free 3D mod of DDDungeons
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Re: MyDDDungeonsGL free 3D mod of DDDungeons

At once this looks like the best Roguelike graphics in the entire world, even with the texture edge problems. Of course the problem with a 3D Roguelike is that the staccato movement is unsuited to smooth animation, but just the achievement is excellent and deserving of merit. It would also help if t...
by Destructosoft
Oct 14, 2012 21:28
Forum: Projects
Topic: Lighthouse, night and fog
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Re: Lighthouse, night and fog

BasicCoder2 wrote:Dodicat has changed it from a lighthouse to radar which of course isn't the same subject.
Wait until Chung shows up and adds helicopters.
by Destructosoft
Oct 14, 2012 21:24
Forum: Projects
Topic: Convex Wars FB
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Re: Convex Wars FB

Very nice! Sort of Tempestesque, except you're not moving on the grid, but rather in the tunnel.

What's next, Concave Wars: Revenge of the Spoons? :)
by Destructosoft
Oct 02, 2012 23:59
Forum: General
Topic: Squares
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Re: Squares

Richard wrote: it is possible to prove mathematically that patterns are not possible.
The sieve of Eratosthenes is the only pattern.
Obviously that's a contradiction. Either the sieve is a pattern and therefore patterns are possible, or patterns are NOT possible and therefore the sieve is not a pattern.
by Destructosoft
Sep 29, 2012 0:41
Forum: General
Topic: Function returning an array
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Re: Function returning an array

Code: Select all

type array
  a(1000)as byte
end type

declare function arr as array

dim as array a


function arr as array
dim as array a
dim as integer t
  for t=0 to 1000
  return a
end function
by Destructosoft
Sep 27, 2012 2:30
Forum: General
Topic: FreeBASIC and Basic
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Re: FreeBASIC and Basic

So far as I'm concerned, this is the spiritual successor of Microsoft's BASIC "standard" when they dropped the ball with VB.NET.

They could even be said to have dropped the ball earlier-- when they stopped including BASICs in Windows. For free.
by Destructosoft
Sep 25, 2012 4:39
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Palindrome is possible ?????
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Re: Palindrome is possible ?????

FreeBASIC is a beer? F.
by Destructosoft
Sep 12, 2012 0:17
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: Pi Chudnovsky
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Re: Pi Chudnovsky

If we're gonna play "dueling πs", why not investigate the algorithms of Borwein and Borwein? In a Scientific American article on the Chudnovskys (or maybe it was just π), I seem to remember they printed something by B and B that supposedly outperformed C and C. EDIT: I got it wrong, I now ...
by Destructosoft
Sep 09, 2012 4:17
Forum: Projects
Topic: X-the forgotten battles(Pre-Alpha release)
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Re: X-the forgotten battles

Looks great! This is the sort of game I always enjoy.
by Destructosoft
Sep 04, 2012 0:02
Forum: General
Topic: Possible Bug with arrays?
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Re: Possible Bug with arrays?

Or use ReDim:

Code: Select all

dim as ubyte a(),b()
redim as ubyte a(1 to 1024,0 to 768),b(1 to 1024,0 to 768)

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