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by Steini63
Nov 09, 2015 17:42
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Topic: Opening COMx for USB port
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Re: Opening COMx for USB port

The comport handling of FreeBasic expects a high signal on DSR line by default after opening a comport. You can suppress that by adding DS0 as extendet option. comrtn=Open Com("COM4:9600,N,8,1,DS0" AS #a) should do the job. I recommend to use: comrtn=Open Com("COM4:9600,N,...
by Steini63
May 20, 2012 21:39
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Topic: FBGUI library for Windows 2
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english helpfile

Hi, i made an english helpfile from VANYAs original with the help of "Google Translate". VANYA wrote 618 htm-files for us. What a huge lot of work! Download CHM-File: Translation isn't perfect and google destroyed the sourcecode-formating, but works for...

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