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by williamsharkey
Mar 11, 2008 21:58
Forum: Projects
Topic: FreeBASIC Nibbles.. IS OUT!
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Is there any other good Microsoft software?
by williamsharkey
Oct 05, 2007 20:28
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Variable = Equation
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You could make a generalized equation that has most of the possibilities that you may want. For example, if you are only doing small polynomials: y=ax^3+bx^2+cx+d Another option would be to hard code a half matrix of operators, and then choose the routing. Another option is to have a host program th...
by williamsharkey
Oct 05, 2007 19:40
Forum: DOS
Topic: HMI interface
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Is a two computer approach acceptable? One dos machine with the meat, and a windows machine for the gui?

My favorite tool for fast Windows guis is autohotkey. It's a free windows automation scripting language that happens to be really easy and useful.
by williamsharkey
Oct 05, 2007 0:03
Forum: Projects
Topic: Sqaure Wave Synthesis Harmonic Editor
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Hi, I just thought of an algorithm for decomposing a signal into square waves. You add random square waves to the signal, and keep the additions that make it quieter. Sorry for my syntax. I don't know FreeBasic yet. Decompose( Wave_In) V0=Average_volume(Wave_Zero) loop { amp<= r...

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