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by integer
Jun 11, 2019 4:29
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: building fbc for Windows - for beginners by a beginner
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Re: building fbc for Windows - for beginners by a beginner


I'm tried many times to generate the compiler, but never success.
This will help.
by integer
Jun 11, 2019 4:21
Forum: General
Topic: Squares
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Re: Squares

How would you convert the speed of sound into inches a second?? ... Divide MULTIPLY that by 5280 that would give you feet per second.. Divide MULTIPLY that by 12 that should give you inches per second... ... @Albert, that chinese pencil needs to be inverted. Pencils from India do not make that type...
by integer
May 08, 2019 22:43
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: Modular (Binary) Exponentiation example
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Re: Modular (Binary) Exponentiation example

This is not a full (reasonable) explanation, but it is a start. positional notation: decimal: 70506 --> 7*10^4 + 0*10^3 + 5*10^2 + 0*10^1 + 6*10^0 7*10000 + 0*1000 + 8*100 + 0*10 + 6*1 == 70506 binary: 10101 --> 1*2^4 + 0*2^3 + 1*2^2 + 0*2^1 + 1*2^0 16 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 1 == 21 This is the SUM of the va...
by integer
Feb 06, 2019 23:45
Forum: General
Topic: gmp 6.1.2 and mpfr 4.0.2
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Re: gmp 6.1.2 and mpfr 4.0.2

Very much appreciated.
Thanks srvaldez.
by integer
Jan 28, 2019 14:44
Forum: Windows
Topic: Win10 -- Win7 ; same program big time diff
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Win10 -- Win7 ; same program big time diff

I have a simple program: pseudocode: dim as longint n = 1000*1000*200 dim as longint array(n) dim as longint i,j for i = 1 to n-1 for j = i+1 to n ' checking separation points in a array against other separation points in the array next j next i The program evaluates points along a arithmetic progre...
by integer
Nov 07, 2018 3:13
Forum: General
Topic: runtime error 12; segmentation violation(solved)
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Re: runtime error 12; segmentation violation(solved)

You forgot to count the memory occupied by the string descriptor of each array element (about 30 million of elements). Each string descriptor uses 3 integers (24 bytes on 32 bits). I did not know that it required that amount. My thought was that at most it would require only about 4 bytes additiona...
by integer
Nov 06, 2018 19:43
Forum: General
Topic: runtime error 12; segmentation violation(solved)
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runtime error 12; segmentation violation(solved)

Why does this cause a segmentation fault, since the program allocates the space? The "metafile-xxx.txt" is alphanumeric data. The file has 25 to 30 million lines of data. Each line has 85 to 95 characters terminated with CR & LineFeed it is unsorted raw data. my attempt to read the fil...
by integer
Oct 30, 2018 1:04
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Crescent Software products for DOS are now PD.
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Re: Crescent Software products for DOS are now PD.

While a lot of this stuff may not be immediately usable to FreeBASIC users, it's interesting to look through. The libraries are usable with QuickBASIC, PDS 7.1, and VBDOS. There's a LOT of x86 assembly in there, which would make porting to FreeBASIC...
by integer
Sep 17, 2018 16:51
Forum: Documentation
Topic: Wiki improvements
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Re: Wiki improvements

A potential new article #17 ? About: How to Replace Any Recursion with Simple Iteration or Unlimited Iteration with its Own Stack, in FB I already wrote a thread around this topic. I could complete it and reword/synthesize all that in an article. Would some people be interested in such an article? ...
by integer
Sep 17, 2018 16:12
Forum: General
Topic: 2d array initializer
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Re: 2d array initializer

Hello: Why can't I initialize a 2d array with one index of each dimension 'dim As Integer x(1 To 1, 1 To 1) = {{1,1}} 'does not work @sancho3 If the array x has one(1) Row, and one(1) column, that means you have ONLY 1 place for values. The first dimension determines the number of contained sets {}...
by integer
Sep 17, 2018 15:49
Forum: General
Topic: type with constructor in namespace issue
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Re: type with constructor in namespace issue

The following code prints 0 for n(1).a when UDT has a constructor. Without the UDT constructor n(1).a print 144. Why is my 144 getting lost in here? Namespace test Type udt As Integer a Declare Constructor End Type Constructor udt() End Constructor Static Shared As integer x = 12 Static Shared As u...
by integer
Sep 05, 2018 13:58
Forum: General
Topic: FreeBASIC's PRNG #2
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Re: FreeBASIC's PRNG #2

Very interesting.
I like the idea of a full 64 bit ulongint, instead of the 53 bit from a double.
by integer
Jul 27, 2018 12:12
Forum: Projects
Topic: Arbitrarily Big Integer Routines
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Re: Arbitrarily Big Integer Routines

Dear stephanbrunker Thanks for your quick reply. Please excuse my inadequate expressions. I'd like to enter numbers using "Input" command instead of the command line. Please teach me a sample program. Try this: #include "biginteger_v28.bas" '' <-- or what you have named it dim a...
by integer
Apr 28, 2018 1:49
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Windows 10 updates
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Re: Windows 10 updates

dodicat wrote:I just let it update itself now.
What the heck, I have grey hairs a plenty anyway, don't need any more.
I probably have the latest Creators ensconsed, good luck to it I say.
I don't have anything important on this computer, just as well eh!

Really good advice.
by integer
Apr 13, 2018 8:12
Forum: Windows
Topic: Unsupported function
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Re: Unsupported function

fxm wrote:
deltarho[1859] wrote:It seems to me then that there is a case for removing ThreadCall from the docs or a least a reccomendation for it not to be used.

KeyPgThreadCall → fxm [Added the advice to rather use ThreadCreate for the moment (which is it 100% safe)]


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