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by mvpimenta
Mar 27, 2019 21:45
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Topic: HTTPS Requests in FreeBasic
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HTTPS Requests in FreeBasic

Hi!!! I have a project I´m doing in the office. There is an arduino (yes!!) colector machine that sends data using https-get (=parameters in url) to a cloud server. This request needs a 'fingerprint', based on server-cert to handshake the connection and allow connectivy to site. OK, it s working don...
by mvpimenta
Mar 24, 2019 15:19
Forum: Projects
Topic: WinFBE Editor and FreeBASIC Compiler (All-in-One Package) (V2.1.7 May 31, 2020)
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Re: WinFBE Editor and FreeBASIC Compiler (All-in-One Package) (Updated January 22, 2019)

Hi Paul. I have been translated the English.lang to Portuguese-BR (PT-BR). How I send to you via GitHub?

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