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by macko17
Nov 05, 2018 4:31
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: Resignation
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Re: Resignation

It's fun how on literally every forum, the people who post introductory "Hi this is my first post, I hope I'll be productive here" type things generally don't ever make any posts other than that one, while the people who post "I'm not ever posting here again because I hate things abou...
by macko17
Sep 03, 2018 20:59
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Simple example: Subclassing of an edit control
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Re: Simple example: Subclassing of an edit control

I make good use of the dwRefData parameter. Right. How would you do this, using dwRefData? Probably the same way. Except it'd be more protected against random changes. You know, since anybody with the HWND can SetWindowLong to change the user data at any time (in any app!). Sure that's not gonna ha...
by macko17
Aug 30, 2018 18:32
Forum: Windows
Topic: PowerShell hashing
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Re: PowerShell hashing

This has been in Windows for a while, the powershell thing is (probably) just a wrapper around it.

certutil -hashfile fileName HashType

Hashtype is MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
by macko17
Jul 28, 2018 5:41
Forum: Tips and Tricks
Topic: FB MemCopy() statement (without CRT includes)
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Re: FB MemCopy() statement (without CRT includes)

What I personally find somewhat distressing, in this whole discussion is: the neglection of ERROR checking, for "speed's sake" ... I'm not willing to do that since, it masks errors from calling code like:[list] 1) a target string without allocated memory 2) the same, with un-allocated zst...

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