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by exjoburgr
Dec 20, 2016 18:01
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: New FreeBASIC beginners website
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Re: New FreeBASIC beginners website

This looks good - wish it was around when I started with FreeBASIC!

Although I've been programming for many years I can still learn something, thank you.
by exjoburgr
Dec 06, 2016 16:58
Forum: Projects
Topic: WinFBE Editor and FreeBASIC Compiler (All-in-One Package) (V2.1.6 May 17, 2020)
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Re: WinFBE FreeBASIC Editor for Windows

Thank you Paul for this great IDE. It is really appreciated.
by exjoburgr
Nov 10, 2016 18:13
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: [offtopic]How can you be proud in future of your country with clinton or trump ?
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Re: How can you be proud in future of your country with clinton or trump ?

The Checks and Balances have been eroded over the years, so that now the (office of) President (POTUS) has a lot more power than previously. I agree that a Republican Majority in both houses is not good either. However he alienated a lot of people in his own party in the run-up to the election. That...
by exjoburgr
Jun 15, 2015 16:49
Forum: Community Discussion
Topic: FBedit and BikiniLand
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Re: FBedit and BikiniLand

As others have mentioned, Norton's "WS.Reputation.1" is unreliable. I always try to submit a false positive report to Norton when I get that detection. If you're unsure about a file it is worth submitting the download link to one of the online multi-engine scanners like or h...

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