GRD for Freebasic (Windows only)

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James Klutho
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GRD for Freebasic (Windows only)

Postby James Klutho » Apr 21, 2017 0:30

I uploaded a grid control at the plantsquires website. ... 5#msg30215

It is a Wide String control. It is programmed as an include file but could be turned into a DLL without too much work. It can be used as a multi-sheet workbook and I have included options things like Buttons, Drop-down Lists, Vertical text, Borders, Bitmaps, Storing record numbers in the row header etc. It is still pretty basic but someone might find it useful. Multi-Cell selection is Shift-Click only with no drag selection. There are no written docs but hopefully the example code can get you going. You might want to tweak the code if you have the desire to dig into it. I have quite a few hooks roughed in case I get motivated down the road. The formatting for the cells are stored as part of the grid strings. Formatting can be stored in the Column header, Row header or the cell itself with the priority being in that order also. There are enough notifications to act as a database editor.

This is my first real attempt at FreeBasic programming. I was pleasantly surprised with Freebasic. I hope to be writing more controls in the future.

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Re: GRD for Freebasic (Windows only)

Postby srvaldez » Apr 23, 2017 12:50

this is great, thank you :-)
here's a pic of the demo for people to see.

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